drill sergeant

that’s exactly what I feel  like at the moment.  My day started out with Hudson starting her day at 6am, oh and she was also awake at 3:30am, only for a minute, but I still had to get up, go in her room, find her blankie, tuck her in and turn the night light on a bit more.

Had a pretty horrible day.  Nothing I do for Hudson is right.  If I give her milk in a blue cup, she wants it in a pink one.  If I give her fish for a snack, she wants veggie booty.  I am desparatley trying not to be a strict, mean mom, but that seems to be the only way that I can get through to Hudson.  All day, she was yelling at me, nothing I did was right, and what can you do, she’s 2 1/2 .  I keep saying that to myself, even wrote it down on my list of the day….I guess so I’d have a reminder througout the day.  tonight when I put her to sleep, it was another argument.  I finally had to put her in her crib, talked very very stern with her and said goodnight.  I hated it.  No talk to me mommy, no look at me mommy, no, no, no!!!  that is all I hear all day long.

I am honestly starting to wonder if there is something wrong with me, am I a horrible mother?  Everything I do, I do for Hudson.  My whole world has changed to fit her, I go to gymnastics for her, to pump it up, for her.  My day, life everything revolves around her, so when she is so nasty (yes that is how I feel she is behaving)  to me, I just wonder why?  what in the world have I done to deserve this?  I know that is awful to think, but it’s how I feel, sorry.

Today I am over this whole mommy thing and to tell you the truth, I feel like this more than I don’t.   That is why I have decided to write it down.

It’s 9pm, just starting to wind down.  Going to watch the bachelorette 🙂

Fingers crossed I’m not up tonight, but I’m sure I will be.

it’s so funny, i just read over this post and it sounds ike such petty little things I am complaining about with Hud…thing is this is going on in my life all day long.  I really do feel like I’


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