up three times

so, she was up at least three times last night.  she was difficult this am, but i just sorta let her do her thing, which does not feel right, I feel as if I am letting her get away with everything, but things have been much better.  I’m not going to stress out if she doesn’t eat, takes a while to change her diaper, wants milk.  Whatever it is, I’m just not going to let it get to me, it’s just not worth it,.  Not only does it ruin my day, but hers, hemi’s stew’s everyones.

She’s just about to wake up from her nap, hopefully she will be in good mood when she awakes.  It’s raining for like the 50th day in a row…going a little stir crazy.  It’s so tough having a 2 year old when all it does is rain!!!


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